Visiting Nuoro by bike is like riding across the centuries on your own two-wheeled time machine and living an experience that elevates your soul to the rhythm of your body.

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A journey that begins back in the prehistoric times through the ancient chamber tombs called Domus de janas – houses of secret fairies according to tradition, and continues through the treasures of the archeological museum, witnesses of life, mysterious beliefs and art of those who have lived there for thousands of years. You can learn about the customs of this ancient people by visiting the major Sardinian ethnographical museum. Through the narrow streets of the historical center you will discover the traditional houses with courtyard in the Santu Predu district, and the churches with many stories to tell about the city from the Middle-Age to the 19th century. You will have the chance of taking a walk in the middle of a real urban work of art: Sebastiano Satta square, dedicated to the great local poet and realized by one of the greatest Sardinian artists ever, Costantino Nivola. The childhood home of the Nobel Prize in Literature Grazia Deledda will bring you back to the stories and fragrances associated with the writer’s youth in the late 800s; she herself told about Nuoro being called the “Sardinian Athens” during those years, due to great artistic and cultural excitement that we can still perceive today through the museums such as the MAN and the TRIBU and streets of the provincial capital of Barbagia. If you wish to know the secret heart of the city, then you must explore “The Mountain” – how people from Nuoro call the Ortobene Mount, place of many legends: among the plants and luxuriant vegetation where the native animals live, you can enjoy breath-taking views and take a refreshing pause under the shade of the majestic, centuries-old holm oaks.


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